Since the template I created, for turning research findings into a prioritised matrix of actions, was published by Miro, I have had several questions about what I mean by effort and impact, and how one would go about quantifying those into low, medium or high for the purposes of prioritisation.

The short answer is ‘it depends’.

In my own most recent use of the template, I haven’t broken down either effort or impact into specific components, let alone quantified them. That is a product though of the nature of the project, rather than the template. …

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A sheet of parchment and a quill loaded with murky black ink. A page of quality writing paper with a fountain pen poised over it. A sheet of paper perfectly lined up in a typewriter, ready for the hammering of the keys to begin. A ‘new document’ on your laptop with the cursor flashing steadily in the top left-hand corner.

For a writer, all of these are an invitation to do the thing they enjoy … telling a story. Or are they?

Is that blank page instead loaded with expectation and demand that causes the writer anxiety…

Rita Quigley

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